Fuel tank filter Where can I find it?

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Fuel tank filter?

When you are about to buy fuel for your vehicles, it is extremely important that you be aware of the importance of having a fuel tank filter installed in your storage tank, because in this way you will be able to prevent external impurities and contaminants get to the interior of your means of transport. 

Throughout this article I will tell you about fuel contaminants, the true importance of a fuel tank filter, the symptoms of its possible breakdown and how often you have to change this filter.

Contaminants in the fuel?

Although it sounds a bit crazy, it is a fact that gasoline can be altered by a large series of components that act as pollutants. Generally these contaminants tend to be acquired in the processes of transport, storage or even at the moment in which you are about to fill your tank. 

What effects do these pollutants have?

If you allow these pollutants to reach your vehicle for a long time, you will most likely begin to detect malfunctions in vital components of your car. The parts most affected by this type of contaminants are usually the engine, the fuel pump and the injectors. 

fuel tank filter

What is a fuel tank filter?

When it comes to gasoline cars, a fuel tank filter is an external component, easy to install that is responsible for preventing from the outset the entry of solid impurities from gasoline into the vehicle's engine as such, while in gasoline cars diesel cars its main function will be to eliminate moisture and prevent corrosion from occurring in the metal elements of the engine.

This element is of vital importance since it will allow you to extend the useful life of your car's engine, as long as it is in good condition, and that is why it is extremely important to check it from time to time to avoid possible breakdowns in the injectors. in the pump or even in the car's own engine.

Where can I find the fuel tank filter?

The location of the fuel filter depends mainly on the age of the car. In those old cars that had carburetion engines, it is slightly more complicated to find this filter, since they were small devices, which were located inside a metal hole, whose entrance and exit were made thanks to some pipes, these These devices had a transparent cover through which it was possible to see the fuel pass. 

On the other hand, injection vehicles offer a positioning of the filter that is easier to locate, being this in the lower part of the car, precisely at the entrance of the gasoline tank. On the other hand, one of the factors that will give you the possibility of identifying this filter more easily is its increased size and its metallic coating. 

What happens if the fuel tank filter is dirty?

It is extremely important to keep this type of component in good condition, because if a failure due to obstruction causes the filter to allow impurities to pass through, the friction between the moving parts of the engine will inevitably increase, which will cause them to wear out more quickly, time there is a risk of totally or partially clogging the gasoline circuit, so that not enough fuel would reach the engine. 

Symptoms of a fuel tank filter failure

When the fuel filter is clogged, it will present a series of symptoms that, if not treated in time, can end in a total failure of the gasoline circuit. The main symptoms of a dirty fuel filter are:

bad start: If the filter is clogged, it will not allow the fuel to reach the engine properly, so the starting process would be hindered.

Increased consumption of the car: As the necessary fuel to feed the engine does not enter, the engine's control unit demands the sending of more fuel to compensate for the deficiencies generated by the fuel system.

The car can be turned off while running: Given the deficiencies presented in the fuel delivery, it is possible that the car ends up shutting down completely after having lost all the reserves. 

Power loss: Due to the absence of the necessary fuel for the proper development of the internal processes, you will come across the case that the combustion produced is not efficient enough, which would cause the power to be completely reduced. 

Engine noise: As we mentioned earlier, if the filter is clogged it won't let enough fuel through, so the car will idle rough. That is why you will be able to notice the production of sounds coming from the engine, especially when starting.

Fuel pump damage: If the fuel filter is clogged it can generate too much pressure on the fuel pump, thus causing damage to it.

If your vehicle is presenting any of these symptoms, it's time to change the fuel filter before the situation worsens!

How often should I change the fuel tank filter?

It is very important to keep in mind that the mileage of each of these components can vary from one model to another, but it is recommended to make the change around 60,000 kilometers. However, better results and less risk of breakdown have been identified when the change is made every 30,000 kilometers, since this will ensure that the injectors, the pressure pump and the circuits are in good condition for much longer. .

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