know us

We are a company with more than 20 years of experience. Since our inception we have provided service to the pharmaceutical industry both in Puerto Rico and in different parts of the world. Apart from providing services to the industry, we offer other services to different markets such as: restaurants, residences, hotels, hospitals, among others. We have highly trained personnel who strive to offer our clients quality work and service that meets their requirements. To make this possible, we have modern equipment that allows us to provide a job that meets the demands and needs of the client both in time and in the quality of the final product.


Create a family work environment that is reflected in a quality service in the industry to meet the needs of our customers by offering excellent quality work, we guarantee commitment and responsibility.


To be recognized as one of the best companies in the Metal Fabrication Industry, offering an excellent product and service at a good price.

More than 200 projects were completed.

company dedicated to

Design, Fabrication and Modification of all types of industrial, commercial and residential metal work in various materials.

Why choose us?

We offer our services to many recognized clients such as those mentioned above and we provide them with the necessary alternatives to be able to meet their demands.

Our team

We have trained personnel, modern equipment and all the necessary resources for the manufacture of our work.

Our facilities

In our facilities of (12,000 p/2) we have a Manufacturing area, Machine Shop, Finishing area as well as a storage area.