Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets: Durability and Elegance in the Culinary Space

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Do you want to know everything about stainless steel kitchen cabinets? Here you will find what you need.

A complete modernization of a space is never a bad idea. And more so in the kitchen, which is one of those places where everything has a destination and a very specific function. Think about the cabinets that you currently have in your industrial kitchen. Don't you think that some stainless steel kitchen cabinets would really suit you? Wouldn't you like to replace the ones you already have?

This very modern looking furniture offers you enormous advantages in functional and aesthetic terms. They are extremely solid, durable, and practical. They can be designed just the way you need them, so that they harmonize with the rest of your kitchen while offering you very high levels of hygiene.

Next, we will tell you what stainless steel is and why it turns out to be the perfect material for all the furniture, utensils and elements of your industrial kitchen. Our steel cabinets Stainless steel, as you will see, represents the cutting edge in design and versatility. Stay until the end to definitely convince yourself.

Why choose stainless steel in your kitchen?

Before you know what are the reasons why having stainless steel furniture and utensils is a great idea, it is important to know a little about what stainless steel is and why, not only in the kitchen but throughout the industry in In general, it turns out to be the ideal material.

What is stainless steel?

The benefits of stainless steel, since its discovery at the beginning of the 20th century, have been significant in almost all human activities since then. The industrial revolution had to go through many difficulties, since they mainly used iron which, despite being a particularly hard and resistant material, quickly yielded to the undesirable effect of humidity: oxidation.

Thus, when it was discovered that by adding a percentage of chromium to iron (between 10.5 and 12%), a metallic alloy that is especially hard, resistant, shiny and -the best- able to withstand the ravages of humidity and corrosive materials, the industry experienced the arrival of a material that changed the quality standards of the products it offered.

That's not to mention the types of stainless steels that were eventually developed, with even more special properties, suitable for other new applications. You should know that it was also combined -although to a lesser extent- with nickel, carbon or magnesium.

stainless steel in the kitchen

Within all the applications that were found for stainless steel, in the food industry and health sector they knew how to take advantage of it enormously. As you know, stainless steel is a smooth material like few others, whose hard surface gives it a very high resistance to scratches and dents.

And, apart from being visibly attractive, what does it mean that it does not scratch? That there is no place for bacteria or microorganisms potentially dangerous to health to proliferate. In other words, it was soon discovered that stainless steel was especially functional in hospitals, clinics, restaurants and, especially, in Industrial kitchens.

In short, here are all the advantages that stainless steel can represent in your kitchen:

  • It is highly shock resistant.
  • It is highly resistant to scratches.
  • It is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, without deforming or staining.
  • It's bright, stands out in your kitchen, giving an attractive modern outlook.
  • It is very smooth, and by repelling scratches, it is unlikely that potentially dangerous bacterial microorganisms for your health will develop on its surface.
  • It's very easy to clean. As it is smooth, it does not require those millions of chemical products that you usually use to clean other materials.
  • And of course it's stainless. The kitchen is one of those places where there is always moisture or organic elements that contribute to the deterioration of metals. With stainless steel you will never have to worry about furniture or utensils deteriorating.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Industrial furniture whose only merit is to be aesthetically attractive is of little use. But if they are visually appealing and comfortable to work with, they are more valuable. However, if they are beautiful, useful and comfortable, they are an exceptional piece of furniture that is worth having. 

In this sense, stainless steel kitchen cabinets combine these three aspects that we value so much in industrial kitchen furniture. They combine comfort, utility and aesthetics. Although things seem obvious, many times they are not; in the question about the elemental of things you often find sophisticated and unsuspected relationships that, when applied to reality, offer you much superior products.

In Perez Precision Works We know this, and that is why we have specialized designers capable of advising you and offering you a very varied number of stainless steel cabinets to industrial kitchen. Here we ask ourselves what is the cabinet you need, and how it should be.

What is a kitchen cabinet?

It is a very innocent question, but by answering it you will know what you are looking for in a cabinet. Furniture, as everyday material objects, is defined by the function it fulfills. A kitchen cabinet, then, is that piece of furniture designed to store food (and utensils, if necessary) to protect them from external contaminants.

And if its function is to store, that is to say protect, the cabinet must have the appropriate characteristics to carry out this task in the best way. In the furniture market you find cabinets galore. Of all the designs, of all the materials and with all the characteristics that you can imagine.

Advantages of stainless steel kitchen cabinets

So what sets stainless steel kitchen cabinets apart from other cabinets? Why are they, after all, more advantageous? Because, As it is made of stainless steel, all the properties listed above are applied to this piece of furniture intended for food storage.

The three aspects that we look for in the things that make up our daily life are fulfilled.


The cabinet should not only be used to store food. You must be able to allow us to access them without major inconvenience. In this way, production processes in the kitchen are streamlined, time is saved.

That is, it allows optimal organization to avoid the food chaos that sometimes takes place in narrow cabinets. That is why in Perez Precision Works We design your stainless steel kitchen cabinet according to your needs and the harmony of your kitchen.

Utility or Functionality

The cabinet must be spacious, and that is clear. The space must be optimized in the best possible way, so that all your food and culinary elements fit without overlapping.
In addition, you must bear in mind that stainless steel guarantees that your food stays fresh, without the risk of being contaminated by external agents. Also consider that stainless steel is an extremely durable material, so you won't have to worry too much about its maintenance or eventual replacement.


The bright color of steel will always evoke cleanliness, as well as elegance.

Remember that in Perez Precision Works We have more than twenty years designing and manufacturing not only stainless steel cabinets for kitchen, but we support any stainless steel related project you need. Contact us if you want to know more.