Conveyor belt parts

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Transport bands?

Conveyor belts are a component that can be incorporated into all industries related to mass manufacturing. Its main function is to move or transfer the materials that will be used in the production processes. 

One of the main benefits provided by conveyor belts is the increase in the manufacturing rate, which greatly contributes to the good image provided by the company.

conveyor belts

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Conveyor belt parts

Now, a transport belt is made up of the following components:

Belt or conveyor belt

The belt is considered the most important element of the entire conveyor, since it is in charge of moving the materials from one determined point to another. Its structure is made up of a frame made of different fabrics that are superimposed to form a cover.

roller station

These are the components responsible for supporting the weight to which the belt is subjected. In turn, it is worth mentioning that they are positioned on the bearings in order to facilitate the movement of the belt itself.


It is a series of cylindrical pieces that, when placed consecutively, manage to form a conveyor belt that will have the function of loading and moving merchandise. This is possible thanks to the fact that the rollers are arranged to rotate on their own axis in order to generate that mechanical movement capable of transferring the load of the belt.

Transmission system

This system is made up of a series of internal elements, these being the drums, rollers and the motor.

forwarding drum

Its main function is to allow the return of the conveyor belt to the other end of the belt.

drive drum

It fulfills the mission of transmitting the translational movement of the belt.

turning drums

In this particular case, the inflection drums are in charge of facilitating the process of changing the direction of the conveyor belts.

routing elements

They are those elements that are responsible for preventing losses or spills of the material that is being moved along the belt.


The frame is the structure designed to support the entire conveyor belt system. Generally, it is usually manufactured with metallic materials in order to guarantee its resistance and rigidity.

geared motor

It is a small electric motor in charge of the operation of the driving drum, in turn this motor has a speed reducer inside, all this in order to guarantee proper operation.


These elements are usually made of stainless steel and fulfill the function of being the "legs" of the conveyor belts.

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