Steel Reactors

We manufacture industrial reactors in stainless steel, with the highest quality and design standards.

We have excellent reactor equipment in steel industrial and we offer advisory customized on manufacturing and maintenance in industries such as the hotel industry, restaurants, educational institutions, recreational centers, hospitals, food industries, among others.

a company with more than 20 years of experience in the sector

Our clients belong to different economic sectors, so our company has extensive experience in adapting our services to all kinds of needs. Our market advances above all Puerto Rico and four more countries in America.

Why choose a Steel Reactor?


Chemical synthesis processes are carried out in industrial reactors, so at Perez Precision Work we take care that the reactors are correctly prepared to adequately support various chemical reactions that are necessary in industrial processes.


Generally, the reactions that take place inside the reactors vary according to the industry and the type of process that is being carried out. It is important that the reactors are in the best conditions, with cooling or heating systems, agitation, and others, depending on the company's needs.

Excellent quality

The equipment used in the most important industries, such as pharmaceuticals, needs to meet certain standards and pass various quality controls. There are various certifications that function as proof of the status and excellence of the products used as instruments to carry out complex processes. We take care of offering the best quality on the market so that the product has an outstanding performance.

High Durability

Durability is a key aspect of the value proposition of this type of product because it is equipment that is part of a complex industrial process. These are investments that are expected to perform well over long periods of time, and are not rolled over as frequently as in other sectors. At Perez Precision Work we prioritize the quality of our products by applying the most modern treatment and production techniques. in order to contribute responsibly to a sector of the economy that is in full growth.

You need a Steel Reactor

Stainless steel reactors have become a fundamental tool in industrial processes around the world. The quality of this equipment is crucial for the operation of the industrial complex to be efficient and respond properly in increasingly fast times.

In Perez Precision Works We have a complete raw material of excellent quality, and that is why we have a series of ideal steel reactors for the specific needs of each client.


Find the best quality for all your company's stainless steel equipment. Steel reactors that guarantee efficiency and durability.


At Perez Precision Work we work with expert professionals who will help you find the steel reactor you need among the most modern designs today.


Request advice so that your Steel Reactor meets the most important requirements and meets the needs of your company.
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