Stainless steel work table: Durability and functionality

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It is necessary to find useful elements and furniture that, from their material to their design, satisfy the demands of use that are expected of them. A stainless steel work table is one of those pieces of furniture.

But stainless steel work tables are not only practical in industry, where rough and heavy work is daily bread.

The stainless steel work tables, given the versatility of the material from which they are made, they are perfectly convenient and appropriate for any type of manual work, no matter if it is heavy duty or detailed work.

Below, you will find the uses of a stainless steel work table. And you will ask yourself: Why prefer stainless steel? Here you will find the answer. You will know why it is an excellent idea to have a work table stainless steel.

Stay so you can convince yourself to purchase one work table stainless steel.

Where does stainless steel come from?

Surely at some point you have asked yourself this question. Where does stainless steel come from is it stainless? Is this how it is found in nature?

Perhaps, like many people, you have believed that stainless steel is a material that is found underground; that stainless steel, like other metals, is mined.

But not. The truth is that stainless steel, like other metals highly valued for their properties today, are the result of human invention. Metals that are not found in nature but are the result of human invention are called alloys..

Alloys are the mixing or blending of two or more elements (which may be non-metallic) to form a metallic material with more refined and ideal characteristics than materials found naturally underground.

Alloys usually turn out to be stronger, lighter, brighter, etc. They are, in other words, more appropriate for some jobs.

The stainless steel is an alloy whose composition was innovative and revolutionary at the beginning of the 20th century. It was discovered that if a percentage of chromium (between 12 and 15%) was added to iron, a material with very particular characteristics was obtained.

stainless steel table

Why is stainless steel stainless?

The chromium added to the iron gave the latter properties that are highly valued in today's industry. That small percentage of chromium added to the iron forms an invisible, inert and harmless film of oxide on the surface of the stainless steel.

This process, the formation of this film, is known as “passivation”. It is a process that occurs at the molecular level. It occurs when the surface of stainless steel comes into contact with oxygen from the environment and the aforementioned oxide film is produced.

This means that stainless steel is self-healing, since as soon as it is scratched, passivation kicks in at that point and the material “heals” itself.

What advantages does stainless steel offer?

The resulting properties of stainless steel are widely known.

  • It is stronger and lighter than iron. It tolerates shocks very well without deforming or showing any damage. Similarly, it withstands extreme temperatures.
  • It is very manageable, so it can be bent, cut and welded to create tools or furniture that will have a unique resistance.
  • Its surface is scratch-proof, so it will always look shiny.
  • It is a recyclable material, since it is always possible to reuse it by casting it.
  • Of course, its characteristic property, for which it has been and continues to be valued in industry and in all human activities: It is stainless. It repels the oxidation process as we already mentioned.
  • Stainless steel is very versatile. It can be cast, shaped, machined, bent, and welded more easily than other metal materials, providing superior quality tools or furniture.

Stainless steel work table

A proof of the quality of stainless steel are the work tables made of this material. They are widely used in almost all industrial, commercial and domestic sectors.

Given the enormous advantages of stainless steel, furniture, instruments, tools and utensils made from this material guarantee superior quality.

On the other hand, focusing on the tables, they fulfill specific functions that demand, in turn, specific designs. Let's consider them below.

necessity of the tables

Tables have traditionally been used as supporting furniture. Its main function is to serve as a smooth and flat surface, perpendicular to the ground on which it is, and sufficiently solid and stable. to stay fixed in place no matter the activity or weight on it.

In other words, they are very versatile, so their design and material must be able to satisfy the most varied activities. It is sought that they be resistant, solid, and that their design adapts to the conditions of the place where it will be.

Durability is especially desired: to withstand the heavy work of industry or the humidity of a kitchen.

At work, a particularly sturdy table is sought, capable of supporting large weights and bulky items. A stainless steel work table, in this sense, is the best option. Let's see why.

Benefits of stainless steel on tables

Do you remember the properties of stainless steel? We had said that it is a material resistant to shocks and scratches, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, malleable and versatile, and, above all, immune to oxidation.

These are the characteristics that we also look for in a work table. Stainless steel, as a material for work tables, offers all these benefits to result in solid, firm furniture.

The stainless steel furniture, especially the tables, are designed under the strictest quality parameters, guaranteeing not only its aesthetic harmony with the work space, but also its unique functionality.

It is also necessary to consider that its smooth surface, which is scratch-proof, offers the possibility of impeccable hygiene. Its cleaning procedure is really easy, and it is not necessary to invest in a million cleaning products.

This advantage of stainless steel makes furniture made of this material germ and bacteria proof.

Since a stainless steel workbench is resistant to moisture and extreme conditions, can be used for the most varied activities.

However, not all activities benefit from the same design, and that is why we offer you a personalized design, designed specifically for you and your needs.

Where to find stainless steel work tables?

In Perez Precision Works We have been supporting countless projects that involve the design and manufacture of furniture and real estate elements in stainless steel for more than 20 years. Count on us to get your work table in high quality stainless steel.