Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables: Durability and Style in the Culinary Space

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Stainless steel kitchen tables are furniture that cannot be missing in your industrial kitchen or restaurant.

Cooking is both an enjoyable and expensive activity. In the culinary world there are so many options, and to satisfy them many times it is necessary to have special furniture. Well, as you know, to prepare a good recipe, your kitchen has to be in the best conditions: good utensils and a good space.. Stainless steel kitchen tables offer the best benefits in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Next, we will tell you a little about stainless steel as a top quality material with respect to the uses that can be given to it in the industry. We will also tell you about its benefits and advantages. We will tell you why it is an excellent idea to have stainless steel kitchen tables in your restaurant or industrial kitchen.

What is stainless steel?

If you are curious, have you ever wondered what makes stainless steel stainless. Well, you should know that stainless steel is relatively new to human. Although humans have spent many centuries experimenting with metals and inventing alloys of all kinds, stainless steel was invented or discovered towards the beginning of the 20th century.

We've only been using it for a century! At that time it was discovered that by adding between 10.5 and 12% chrome to the iron, a particularly hard and resistant material, which also held up very well to bothersome rust. In addition, it was discovered that if another percentage of carbon or nickel was added, new alloys with different and very useful properties were created.

It is these materials added to iron that make stainless steel stainless. How? Easy: chrome, in addition to giving steel its characteristic shine and hardness, creates an antioxidant "film" on the material. This film is the result of a process called “passivation”, which is the chemical reaction of the material with the oxygen in the environment.

The "film" created makes the steel immune to the effect not only of oxygen but of many other chemical and organic materials that contribute to the deterioration of the material by oxidation. We could almost say that stainless steel represented a new industrial revolution, since it was soon used to manufacture any utensil, element, tool or machine that, due to its activity, was susceptible to rust.

stainless steel table

Benefits of stainless steel in the kitchen

Think for a moment, what do chefs do in the kitchen? Naturally, you will say that the kitchen is intended for cooking. It's obvious. But think about that fact from another perspective. Imagine the kitchen as a laboratory: you take ingredients, cut them, combine them, separate them, manipulate them, etc. You invent new chemical formulas, new recipes, new flavors.

And speaking of industrial kitchens, it makes more sense to compare them with a laboratory that offers products of highly controlled quality. You will realize that there are countless chemical processes that take place in an industrial kitchen. All the food molecules are prepared to finally result on the plate. In the same way, it is very safe that food, being organic, will become contaminated or spoil if it is not handled correctly.

Just as a laboratory is characterized by its extreme hygiene, by its care and its asepsis, an industrial kitchen must have the appropriate utensils and furniture. You should know that stainless steel has specific properties that make it highly appreciated in the pharmaceutical, food and health industries; that is, where health and well-being are priorities.

Then What are those properties of stainless steel? Here is a brief list of them.

  • It is tremendously resistant to bumps and scratches.
  • It is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, without deforming or altering.
  • It takes practically the form that is required.
  • Its appearance is aesthetically attractive.
  • Even under the most extreme humidity conditions, it does not rust.

These features are very good, they are very practical, yes. But do you know what really makes the difference between stainless steel and other materials in the kitchen? Here we also present those advantages that stainless steel can mean in a kitchen industrial.

  • It is such a smooth material that there are no porosities on its surface in which microparticles can be deposited.
  • Being so smooth, cleaning is very easy. You don't have to scrub too hard or apply a million grooming products. A "superficial" cleaning is enough for everything to be immaculate.
  • It is a material that practically nullifies the possibilities of bacterial life. As it is so smooth, it is impossible for organic residues potentially harmful to your health to remain on its surface.
  • With stainless steel, the flavor of your meals will be what it should be. Forget mixing flavors that shouldn't mix. Stainless steel allows you to leave surfaces completely pure, without residue.
  • Finally, what else can be as durable as stainless steel? Very few things can offer you the hardness and durability of stainless steel in an industrial kitchen.

Stainless steel tables for kitchen

Any surface where food is handled will represent, to a greater or lesser extent, a possible source of contamination. Traditional chopping boards, incredibly, being furrowed by deep scratches, can harbor small organic particles.

Consider using stainless steel kitchen tables. These not only represent asepsis and an incalculable benefit to health. It also offers you many other advantages.

Imagine having a table that adapts to your space, designed according to specific measurements, specially designed to meet the needs of your industrial kitchen. It can have the dimensions you want. In that sense, have you noticed the appearance of stainless steel? Have you seen the kitchens of great restaurants? They look beautiful, they give an elegant, sophisticated, clean and pleasant look. That shine and neatness are highly desirable, aren't they?

Stainless steel, given the properties that you already know it has, prevents your food from being contaminated. They even prevent its flavor from being altered. But that is not all, stainless steel kitchen tables will last you a lifetime. It has a resistance and durability that is rarely seen in an implement, utensil or industrial furniture.

On a stainless steel table you can support pots recently removed from the fire or taken out of the oven. Its very high resistance to high and low temperatures allows you greater freedom in the kitchen. And speaking of freedom, remember its cleaning will be so easy that in a blink it will be as good as new.

Where to find stainless steel kitchen tables?

As you see, the stainless steel tables for kitchens are an excellent idea if you want to modernize the space where you prepare your favorite meals.

Whether you look at the aesthetic or functional characteristics, there is no doubt that acquiring any of the stainless steel tables For the kitchen you have a piece of furniture of unmatched quality.

Contact us and you will receive all the advice so you can choose the stainless steel table for your industrial kitchen.