Fuel tank pressure sensor faults

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Fuel pressure sensor?

A fuel pressure sensor is a type of device located in the fuel tank of a car, its main objective lies in the analysis of the pressure generated inside the tank, to later send the information to the PCM, also known as a module. powertrain control.

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What is the fuel pressure sensor used for?

As we mentioned previously, this sensor is dedicated to analyzing the pressure of the fuel tank, in addition to that and thanks to the data provided by the fuel pressure sensor, it is possible to obtain other relevant information, such as the exact amount of fuel that reaches the engine, and the verification of the status of the fuel system, because if any anomaly is noticed in these analyzes, the integrated vehicle system (EVAP) will provide an alert to carry out an appropriate review.

It is important to be attentive to these warning calls, because in the worst case they could mean some type of leak in the fuel system. 

An important detail to highlight is that the vehicle system will periodically perform pressure tests in search of possible leaks, which may affect the operation of the system. In general, these types of tests are usually carried out after the vehicle has been been in a period of prolonged rest. 

EVAP and “Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Failure”?

Today gasoline engines are incorporated with evaporative control technology, also known as EVAP, which is responsible for controlling all the gases that are generated in the fuel tank. 

On the other hand, and returning to the fuel tank pressure sensor, it monitors leaks to later provide that information to the EVAP, and together provide the vehicle owner with the possibility of recognizing and repairing possible leaks found in the system, as as soon as they are detected.

Fuel tank cleaning

Fuel tank pressure sensor failing?

Have you ever performed the following search "Fuel tank pressure sensor failures", and have you found little useful information?

If that's the case, we have everything you need here. When analyzing whether your pressure sensor has a fault, it is important to pay attention to the following signs:

Warning light

If you manage to perceive that the vehicle's instrument panel is illuminated giving a warning of a possible engine failure, it may be an indication that the fuel pressure sensor is defective. However, we do not have to ignore that there are a large number of other reasons why this warning in the engine can be generated without directly meaning any damage to the fuel pressure sensor.  

boot problems

In the event that you try to start your vehicle and notice problems with its ignition constantly, it is likely that the fuel pressure sensor is not sending signals to the engine system correctly. 

Low power

If at the moment of actuating the accelerator you notice any decrease in its acceleration power, it may be due to the fuel pressure sensor. If the sensor is faulty there is a chance that it will end up interfering with the air/fuel ratio, which would cause the car to progressively lose power as it is driven.  

poor fuel efficiency

With a bad fuel pressure sensor, your car's engine won't have the chance to receive the proper amount of fuel, which would hinder its internal combustion process. 

Due to this, the engine will not be able to release the amount of energy necessary for the operation of the rest of the vehicle's components, to which we could add that the fuel would be consumed much more quickly, thus generating greater losses for the user. .


In the event of a fuel pressure sensor mishap, your vehicle may suddenly stop while driving. We have to mention that there is no precise way to predict when the vehicle is about to stop, since on some occasions this happens without having presented any of the symptoms described above.

What is the useful life of a fuel tank pressure sensor?

Currently the manufacturers of this type of sensors design them in such a way that they can work for the same useful life of the car itself. However, this sensor can be damaged in a wide variety of situations as it is located in such a specific area of the fuel tank.

How much does it cost to repair a fuel tank pressure sensor?

When it comes to counting a bad sensor, the only solution to repair the damage is to completely replace the device. The sensor is usually quite cheap to tell the truth, but what really certifies the value of the process is the installation of the sensor, since its cost can vary considerably depending on the design of the fuel tank.

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