Best brands of electric motors for machinery: Guaranteeing performance and reliability

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Choosing an engine is a very important decision when you have a machine, because what you need most is the proper functioning of the machine, which can only be generated with an engine of excellent quality, efficiency and safety.

There is a wide variety of motors, between AC (Alternating Current) or DC (Direct Current) electric motors, as well as their functionality and the work intended for the motor. Next, we will see a Top 4 of the best brands of electric motors for machinery, since there are for all types of industries, but not before looking at what the main parts of a motor are so that you can choose one that fits your needs.

Main parts of an electric motor

The main components of the most outstanding electric motors are:

Stator: Fixed part that, in turn, rotates, it is a module of great importance in the engine, since its function is to transmit power.

Rotor: This part, unlike the stator, is mobile, what it does is that it rotates inside the electrical machine that is made up of a shaft that supports the coils that are wound on static pole pieces, these pieces when activated create magnetic fields and cause the coils generate electrical energy into mechanical energy.

At this point keep in mind that energy will be converted from electrical to mechanical energy if the motor is DC. The DC motor converts the energy in a rotary way, generated as a consequence of the magnetic field of the coils.

Commutator: It is a switch, it changes the direction between the rotor and the external circuit periodically.

Brushes: This element connects the fixed part of the machine and the rotor coils.

If you choose an Alternating Current motor, what it will do is convert electrical energy to rotational force by means of magnetic fields and it is usually made up of only one motor. 

Best brands of electric motors

Among the different brands of electric motors, the brands that stand out the best are the following four. Pay attention and choose a motor according to your needs according to the characteristics that each one has:

1. ABB baldor motors

Abb Baldor is the most important world leader, since it is the number one manufacturer of NEMA motors, this characteristic is that it manages high safety standards in motors, complying with all the certifications that imply a minimum risk in its use due to safety failures. or maintenance, among its most important certifications is the ISO certification (International Organization for Standardization). Their mission is to be the best marketers, designers, manufacturers and service providers of industrial electric motors, generators of mechanical power transmission products.

2. WEG motors

This brand of electric motors is in charge of entering the most important markets of electrification, automation and digitalization, thanks to its global position in electrical machinery, it is guaranteed by its electrical machinery, its high automation, and especially by its energy systems for various industries such as energy, mining, steel, paper and cellulose, naval, agribusiness, water, oil, and many more. 

3. TECO Engines

It should be emphasized that this brand of motors is an international leader, due to the various motors they have on the market, their motors range from low voltage that range up to 750 kW (<690V), medium voltage motors such as those of the global series, world, DC motors, wound rotor, up to high voltage up to 60,000 HP. In addition, they are used in industries such as oil, petrochemical, mining, sugar, paper, electrical, foundry and water, providing the customer, due to their excellent materials, superior quality, guaranteeing the objectives of use of the motor that is what is sought. .

In addition, what most impacts TECOm is that it is not only dedicated as a company to the sale of engines, but also has a specialized engine repair or update service.

4. Bonfiglioli

To finish this top 4, we have this Italian brand that focuses on gear motors, drive systems and planetary reducers to meet the most demanding needs of industrial, mobile processes and renewable energy applications. It manages various industries, among which the agricultural and forestry industry, construction industry, food, electronic mobility, marine, mining, packaging, and wind industry stand out.

It has various certifications such as UL, EAC and CCC.

Bonfiglioli motors They are listed as one of the best DC electric motors, as their materials and design allow them to work in difficult conditions, capable of operating in temperatures from 320 to +40 degrees Celsius.

Keep these TIPS in mind when buying an engine!

In short, remember that when choosing a good motor, choose the one that meets excellent manufacturing materials, that has seals of high safety and performance standards, choose the type of motor current, alternating AC, or direct current DC, and that is specially designed for the focused industry.

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