CNC bending machine operation

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Do you want to know how a CNC bending machine works? In this blog we will introduce you to how a CNC bending machine works and everything it brings so that you can understand the power of this tool in an easy and agile way.

If you are interested in incorporating a CNC bender, or if you already have one and would like to learn more about this machine, this blog will help you, read on to learn more.

Do you know what a CNC bender is?

A CNC bending machine is a computerized numerical control machine, that is what its acronym means, it is also a device that works automatically through a program control system, the program control processes and produces complex parts in an automated way.

Any type of CNC machines usually need to be controlled by a computer using numerical coordinates. 

Among the bending machines that are on the market are those powered by electric motors, although there are also benders that use parts that work through a hydraulic system, manual bending machines and CNC machines.

CNC bending machine operation

Types of benders

As indicated above, there are various types of bending machines on the market. Next, we will list the most common benders and talk about their characteristics:

to. Manual benders:

It is one of the most commonly used types of bending machines, especially in workshops that are not at an industrial level, since it does not require more science for its implementation, they are very practical when used, but they do require that the person who works with it apply the greatest force manually when attempting to fold a sheet.

b. Electric benders:

Electric benders are simple but flexible and reliable. These types of machines will be the machines of the future, since they integrate care for the environment with productivity, precision and flexibility, as well as generating low energy consumption and less maintenance as they do not include hydraulic components.

c. Hydraulic benders:

They have a similar job to electric benders, the difference is that they use a hydraulic pump that provides the inertia required to activate the piston. These machines compete with the quality of CNC bending machines, as they can reach too high tonnages by means of the lever effect and their results are very exact.

d. CNC bending machines:

They are the most innovative bending machines in the metal-mechanic industry, since their operation is carried out by means of numerical control and their results are the most precise, they have higher performance and their finishes can be achieved even in deep sheet diameters.

CNC bending machine operation

CNC bending machine operation

CNC bending machines are the most intelligent on the market, since they are fully automated machines that have an advanced computer system, where they use high-strength parts that are powered by electric motors.

Keep in mind that any of the electric motor CNC benders allow us to bend or bend tubes with simple or complex shapes with excellent quality, later we will talk about the advantages of using CNC benders.

Roughly speaking, the operation of the CNC bending machine consists of changing the shape of a metal sheet through a bending that is achieved with certain determined angles oscillating 90 degrees, for this we need a male punch, that is, in the form of v and a v-shaped die.

The most detailed procedure of the CNC bending machine is that pressure is applied between two dies in a specialized press where, through the incorporation of pressure with the punch, the die and observing the angles, the metal plate is bent, a Once this objective is achieved, the external fibers of the metal are put under tension without producing significant changes in the thickness of the metal.

Basically, a CNC bending machine is a top piston press which works with two parallel motion working hydraulic cylinders which form a vertical pressure to drive the mold on the bending beam, computerized numerical control mainly controls the bending process and positioning. of the hydraulic cylinder when the machine is running.

The CNC bending machine can achieve more specific bends through the position of the angles, from very acute to very obtuse angles, perfect for the production of all kinds of furniture such as cabinets, special pieces, or simple bending of metal plates.

Advantages of using a CNC bender

  • CNC bending machines make advanced bends
  • They are flexible and reliable machine to use.
  • They are the best machines on the market, as they use state-of-the-art technology.
  • They produce bends of the highest quality.
  • It boasts high working speeds, thus achieving greater production of sheet bending of various materials.
  • CNC benders have higher bending force compared to manual benders.
  • They are machines that provide a strong welded structure.
  • They have longer cylinder stroke
  • Most CNC bending machines use a 4-point guide system on the ram which gives more reliability.

  • Having so many qualities, it guarantees better precision and durability in the up and down movements of the bender.

CNC bending machine operation

Recommendations when using a CNC bending machine

  • Make sure that the person operating the machine is someone who is professionally trained.
  • Verify that the operator wears articles that protect him from contact with the machine.
  • Inspect the machine and the working environment before it is used.
  • At this point you can turn on the machine to be used.

  • Check that the sheet that will later be folded is loose, so that it can be moved at any time by the machine with greater safety.

  • If any technical failure occurs during the process, instantly press the emergency button. Do not follow any process if you observe any anomaly until everything is optimal to resume its operation.
  • If you already complete the bending of your machine, try to immediately save the whole machine so that it will not be damaged by external events, also save the program in time.

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