Manufacture of miscellaneous steel

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If you are interested in the manufacture of miscellaneous steel, and in uses for commercial projects, we recommend that you know everything about miscellaneous and its importance so that you can make the best decision.

As a first point you should know what is a miscellaneous?

Broadly speaking, miscellaneous steel are the elements that complement the main steel, such as a structure or a complete element where it can help support and maintain the element in good condition, as we will see later.

These elements can be incorporated into your industrial machinery, for example, we find in this whole area the anchors, the elements of Connection, tubes, valves, locks, the supports, handle, door stops, etc.

On some occasions, when we think of using a steel structure for a certain use, the idea of needing miscellaneous after having a complete structure made of steel can go unnoticed, if it is true that as long as we have a good job in steel or metal, we have much of the structure of the machine made.

So what are the advantages of miscellaneous?

Those little complementary details of miscellaneous help the structure to have better stability and better finishes. Another characteristic of this product is that it provides a certain way of maintenance to the main element, as in our case to the main steel, so that it lasts in optimal conditions of both use and design.

  • packing connections
  • Divisions to weld
  • Items to screw
  • Parts to make connections
  • valves
  • Segments to make splice
  • Warforged Items
  • locks
  • handles
  • And much more…

 These are ducts that are usually made of stainless steel. In perez we are prepared to develop, and offer a fairly wide range of products from miscellaneous in steel.

Types of techniques and miscellaneous procedures in steel

  • Finish

It is when the weld metal or portions of the base metal that were loose are removed, it can be done by machining, grinding, chiseling or trimming. It is done in such a way that the metal of welding adjoining or base metal is free of nicks or undercuts. It is when reinforcements or complements are placed, so that the structure is sufficiently resistant.

  • Repair

In this case, it is sought to repair the damaged work such as some welding
defective, a break or crack without losing the quality of the material.

  • Adjustment

This work is to adjust surfaces, apply coatings. Remove and eliminate dirt, adhering materials such as grease or something else. Even to remove rust with polish or brush.

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