Cold welding: Exploring its operation and applications

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Cold welding How does it work? cold welding or by contact is a solid-state welding process that occurs without the need to thermally fuse the union of two pieces, that is, it is a process that does not require an electrode that melts the union of the two materials so that both pieces remain glued, an example of this occurs in electronics when they use it to glue transistors to a motherboard or some cables to each other.

In this blog we are going to learn cold welding. How does it work? First we will see what cold welding is, then what applications it has and what it is for and finally we will explain how it works. Keep reading and learn with Pérez Precision Works.

What is cold welding?

Cold or contact welding is a process of joining and fixing two materials in a solid state that is used to repair or rebuild metal parts with a certain degree of rigidity, to which intense heat cannot be applied.

This welding process does not require any type of fusion of the parts, unlike fusion welding processes, this process is carried out without any type of liquid being in the articulation of the materials or the material to be welded.

Metallic and plastic materials can be welded, this process consists of joining two materials in which a mixture is applied, putting pressure on both materials so that the welding process is correct and through a chemical process between the mixture and the material. It is the fusion between the two.

Cold welding applications and what cold welding is for.

The use of cold welding is in almost all the repair shops that we can find, since it is used to repair cracks, breaks, surface irregularities, among others. Next, we are going to mention 5 of the most common applications:

  1.   Flanges, worn covers, where the finish of a machining is lost.
  2.   Repair of steel parts.
  3.   Reconstruction of corroded metals.
  4.   Filling gaps.
  5.   Defects such as holes or screw entries.

This type of welding is very practical due to the little time it takes to apply it and its easy handling. It is also easier to transport it than a thermal welding welder.

Cold welding How does it work?

Cold welding works by joining two metals at room temperature, that is, cold welding is a chemical material (like a paste) that reacts when placed on two surfaces by joining through the reaction of the components.

The welding process has 5 basic steps, so that it unites both materials optimally:

1) The process begins by cleaning both surfaces very well so that there are no residues of other materials.

2) A protector or rust is applied when we work with materials such as steel.

3) When the pieces are ready, prepare the mixture of the two components, taking care that there are no air bubbles.

4) When the product is going to be applied, put the two pieces together and place the product on top of both. When it is already applied, apply pressure between both pieces so that they join together and wait a few minutes for the product to dry.

5) Finally, the surface is sanded so that it is smooth again.

Next, I leave you a video so that you better understand the operation of this welding.

Cold welding is one of the most used and required in the market, this is due to its easy and fast handling that facilitates and speeds up work in different areas of the industry, this type of welding is perfect for repairing cracks in pipes, join transistors in electronics, among others.

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