What are they, what are they for, how do belt conveyors work?

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belt conveyors

Today, belt conveyors are one of the most used tools in all industries that are dedicated to mass production, this is precisely due to all the advantages it provides in terms of speed and quality of production.

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What are belt conveyors?

In a few words, belt conveyors are an instrument that are generally incorporated into all types of mass production industries, their function as such is to transfer or transport the materials that will be used for the manufacturing procedure from one specific point to another. bottling, cooking, conditioning, among many other possible processes.

Over time, belt conveyors have become fundamental elements for any industry, since their speed and high load capacity are reflected in large and highly efficient production processes.  

How do belt conveyors work?

Its complete operation occurs through the belt, as it plays the role of support continuously thanks to a motorized matrix pulley that provides a constant flow of movement.

On the other hand, the belt conveyors are mobilized by a series of cylindrical rollers that, when rotating on their own axis, generate the movement of the load. 

In order to improve the capacities of the belt conveyors, it is possible to think about the addition of handrails, drums, side guards, wheels or any other mechanical accessory that can be adapted to the needs of the required procedure.

It is worth mentioning that its speed and load capacity usually depend on the type of material that is going to be moved by the belt.

What types of belt conveyors are there?

There are a large number of conveyor belts, some of them present not so great changes, being the change of the material of the belt their main difference. However, there are a few others that change markedly by altering their transportation pattern. The most common types of belt conveyors are:

roller conveyor belt

It has a series of rollers that seek to facilitate the specifications of speed, weight and quantity that the production that is being carried out may have. They are a good option to reduce friction and manual loading of products.

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modular conveyor belt

This type of belt is ideal for the food products sector, this is due to the fact that it has a system of segments that includes interlocking plastic pieces, pieces that can be removed manually in order to carry out the proper cleaning process and maintenance.

flat conveyor belt

It is the most common type of belts in the industry, it consists of a system of motorized pulleys that fulfill the function of moving the belt to transport the items from one side to another. This type of bands is usually used for internal uses due to its versatility.

Slat Conveyor Belt

It has a design supported by vertical barriers or staples that are responsible for guaranteeing greater safety and distribution of the materials that are moved over it. 

What are the benefits of acquiring a belt conveyor?

We could say that the main benefit that can be reflected when putting a belt conveyor into action is the increase in the production rate, and a possible systematization of the processes carried out in the industry. Directly influencing the increase of better results at lower times and costs. 

Added to this, it is pertinent to mention that the belt conveyor would not only have effects on the production process, but that workers would have the possibility of benefiting from being less demanded in their daily tasks, translating this into less fatigue and a greater possibility of focus on the development of other activities. 

Where can I buy a belt conveyor?

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